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Rajab Abrasives Pvt. Ltd.

Rajab Abrasives the exclusive brand that serves widest array of abrasive products. We are worldwide name for manufacutring quality abrasive products like Abrasive Disc , Abrasive Cloth Roll & Belts, Flap Wheel & Mops , Flap Disc , Hook & Loop Disc , PSA Disc , Waterproof Abrasive Sheet and many more. Leading us to stand amongst the most valuable abrasive products manufacturer and supplier in the the World.

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Specialities - Coated

Rajab Abrasives offers a range of speciality products to meet specific grinding requirements of fabrication and other industries.

Product Offerings :-
Rajab Flap Wheels and Mops
Rajab Flap Discs

Rajab Flap Wheels and Mops

Rajab Flap Wheels and Mops are well accepted in the Industry for consistent Performance and finish generation.

» Removing burrs and rust.
» Grinding and Polishing of Cylinders , Corners , Pipes , Moulds , Bores or Odd areas.
» Sanding and finishing of Wood carving.

Featurs :-
• Tough Aluminum Oxide grain
• Special coated abrasive design
• High base adhesion


Benefits :-
• Good for medium to high pressure applications
• Controlled cutting action with uniform finish
• Resistance to grain shedding
• Can be used on tapered spindle machines

Grit Available: P36 to P400

Size :-
Flap Wheels - Diameter 100 mm to 350 mm, Width 25mm to 75 mm
Mop Wheel - Diameter 25 mm to 80 mm, Width 25mm to 75 mm



Rajab Flap Discs

Rajab Abrasive Flap discs are used for light stock removal , blending and finishing in one operation. They grind like a depressed center wheel and finish like a fiber disc.
Rajab flap discs offer superior performance on the toughest and most demanding applications with the lowest total cost.

Application :-
» Metal fabrication
» Blending welds on stainless steel vessels And automotive body shops
» Debarring on CRCA sheets
» Cleaning and finishing of metal surfaces

Featurs :-
• One-step grinding and finishing process
• Phenol resin-backing construction
• Fast disc changes

Benefits :-
• Eliminates depressed center wheel / fiber disc two-step process
• Extends disc life
• No back-up pad needed
• Lower down time